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Imperial All Beef Salami 3"

Imperial All Beef Salami 3"

SKU: 23877

Our All Beef Salami contains a unique blend of aromatic spices that is irresistibly delicious and tantalizes your taste buds. We enhance the flavour by smoking the salami using Canadian hardwood. This salami is versatile; enjoy it as a breakfast protein, sliced in a sandwich or as a part of your charcuterie platter. 


  • Free from MSG 
  • The Halal Smoked Imperial All Beef Salami is fully cooked and naturally smoked using Canadian Hardwood chips
  • All Beef Salami is perfect for baking or pan-frying        
  • The 10 kg rollstock packaging preserves the salami freshness with a frozen shelf life of 24 months
  • Try enjoying it in a salami and egg mishmash, shakshuka, or salami skewers with pickle relish and cream cheese                 
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