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Our Halal Products

Tayyabaat is derived from the word Tayyibaat and has a spiritual meaning that has an attachment to Clean, Pure and Good Things. We have been making Halal Certified products since 2005, and since 2020 under the Tayyabaat name.

We take pride in our culturally diverse workforce and are excited to offer Halal Products to the Muslim communities in Canada. With a high commitment to quality and food safety, we invite you to enjoy what Tayyabaat has to offer!

Many health enthusiasts consider Halal meat a welcome alternative to traditionally raised and slaughtered meat. 

There are numerous credible online resources if you are interested in learning more about the process. 

Halal Definitions
  • Halal: Halal is an Arabic term meaning “allowed” or “lawful”

  • Haram: Haram is an Arabic term meaning “prohibited”, “forbidden” or “unlawful”. Haram is that which is absolutely forbidden by the Divine Law.

  • Mashbooh: Mashbooh is an Arabic term meaning “suspected”. If one does not know the Halal or Haram status of a particular food or drink, such a food or drink is doubtful. The precautionary principle is: “When in doubt, leave it out”.

  • Tayyib: Tayyib is an Arabic term meaning “good and pure”. In the Qur’an, the concept of Tayyib is explicitly coupled with the injunction of eating halal.

Halal + Tayyib

For the food to be lawful (Halal) for consumption, it must meet the following two criteria:

  • The food must be earned/acquired lawfully

  • The food must conform the Muslim dietary laws

For the food to be good (Tayyib) for consumption, it must meet the following two criteria:

  • The food must be wholesome and nutritious

  • The food must be safe for consumption

About Halal Certification
  • All ingredients used in the production of the product(s) must meet Halal standards.

  • Products are handled, manufactured and packaged under the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Contamination and cross-contamination with any non-Halal material, product or ingredient, must be strictly avoided at every step of the production and distribution process.

  • Procedures are in place to ensure that the integrity of the Halal product is maintained from the production facility through the purchase of the end product.

Benefits of Halal Certification

  • ​The halal symbol on labels represents a product that conforms to religious standards. It is a mark of quality and an added safeguard for consumers.

  • With over 2 Billion Muslims worldwide, there are millions of Halal consumers in Canada and across the world. 

  • The expertise of HAG in Halal documentation procedures and in reviewing all ingredients, raw materials, process techniques, sanitation files, GMP, SSOP, HACCP documentation.

Halal Advisory Group
Toll Free: 1-877-721-4490
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