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Halal Certified Foods

Sausage Topping, Diced

Sausage Topping, Diced

SKU: 23187

Our delectable Halal Sausage Topping has a rich color and distinct flavour profile. Crafted with fine-cut Halal Chicken and Beef, this cured diced topping will satisfy your customer’s taste buds. With a complex blend of spices enriched with hardwood smoke, our Halal Sausage Topping is unique and can be served in multiple ways.


  • Free from MSG 
  • The diced Halal Sausage Topping is fully cooked and naturally smoked using Canadian Hardwood chips
  • The diced Sausage Topping is perfect for quick meals and can be grilled or pan-fried
  • The 5 kg map packaging allows easy handling with a frozen shelf life of 24 months
  • Try enjoying it in a frittata or on your favourite pizza
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